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NUMBERNYC Best Anti Snoring Devices Premium Breathable Comfortable Chin Strap with Adjustable Soft Jaw Support. 4 Pairs of Nose Vents and 6 Nasal Strips. Made for Men and Women Perfect Snore Solutions


About the product

FORM & FUNCTION: Our Best Anti Snoring Devices offers peaceful tranquility when needed most. A firm but yet gentle strap cradles the jaw line, allowing you to breathe through your nose passage for a quieter sleep pattern. This will provide a perfect night for you and the entire family. Feel rejuvenated in the morning with our small Nasal Strips & Nose Vents, both small but yet powerfully effective!

HIGHEST QUALITY: Our straps are made of premium Lyrca, Neoprene. Nose Vents are made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Our Nasal Strips are drug-free & CE, ROHS certificated.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Jaw-Support is key. Our straps are designed to fit comfortable from head to chin. Top strap provides an adjustable soft velcro that is customizable to your sleeping needs. Open side-pattern design is provided for the comfort of your ears.

3 FOR 1: Our Value Package was designed to ease 3 snorers for the price of 1. STRAP SIZE: One Size Fits Most

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: We remain true to our customers with a 1 year warranty. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our product within that time period, we’ll provide full refund. We are confident that you will love our NUMBERNYC Anti-Snore Chin Strap. Great snoring solution and snore stopper!



Product description

Why choose NUMBERNYC Best Anti Snoring Devices?

For starters, providing comfortability for your scalp and chin, yet eliminating strong snoring habits is our main priority. This is why our flexible strap device comes with breathable Lycra and Premium Neoprene felt. Our products were designed for snorers by snorers.

Therefore, we decided to bundle our NUMBERNYC’s Sleep Strap with a set of 6 Premium Starter Nasal Strips and 4 Premium Nose Vents to both ease snoring and provide a true all-night bliss for the entire family.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Head/Chin Strap by NUMBERNYC
  • 4 x Anti-Snoring Nose Vents (Size: S,M,L,XL)
  • 6 x Nasal Strips (66x19mm).
  • Comfortable for Men and Women



Top customer reviews


Finally an Anti Snoring product that works

Verified Purchase

My wife couldn’t be happier after purchasing this product for me. It stopped me from snoring and keeping her up all night. If you have issues with snoring I highly suggest you purchase this product. It comes with an anti-snoring chin strap, nasal strips, and nose vents!! You get all that for a great price. What a value!




Verified Purchase

Needed this for my lovely woman because her snoring is anything but lady-like. The first night she used it was peaceful and beautiful just like her. I recommend this product for all the snoring people in the world, or the poor victims who have to listen to it all night!


Wifey is finally able to have sweet dreams

Verified Purchase

My wife is finally able to sleep well. She got me this because I was waking her up too often and she wasn’t able to sleep (she’s a light sleeper). Good thing that I got this cause wifey gets a little angry when she doesn’t get good quality sleep.



husband thought I should try this because I snored like a cow

Verified Purchase

I was skeptical about this product but my husband thought I should try this because he said I snored so loud like a cow. This morning he said he noticed the difference when I slept and that my snoring improved. I have to keep on using this to get used to this. But it fits my head well and not tight and it is very comfortable to use. I slept thru the night. Perfect!



Good Easy To Use Product With Instruction

Verified Purchase

The product fit perfectly on my brothers face. His hard size is roughly mid – large. I would recommend this product if your look for something simple, easy-to-use. I’m excitied about his girlfriends response once she see this




I recommend this product

Verified Purchase

I recommend this product. I bought this for my roommate who snores a lot. Frequency and magnitude of his snoring has reduced significantly after using this product! Thanks for making nice product.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Verified Purchase

My wife bought this for me because of my snoring and i must say she enjoys this more than me. It fits comfortably and our bedroom is quiet at night now. Great buy




If you have a snoring problem and you are looking for a great and fast solution than you must try this combo pack.

It includes all of the leading snoring aid solutions in one pack allowing you to try them all out and find the one which suits your needs best.


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NUMBERNYC Best Anti Snoring Devices Premium Breathable Comfortable Chin Strap with Adjustable Soft Jaw Support. 4 Pairs of Nose Vents and 6 Nasal Strips. Made for Men and Women Perfect Snore Solutions

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